Day 133 – Update

if you read my blog you are probably wondering where I’ve been for the past month. Well, for the past month I’ve been battling with my depression and anxiety from school. I apologize as updating my blog has been the last thing on my mind. I don’t think my depression has to do with my hormones, at least I hope it doesn’t. Anyways, I am going to try and get a measurements update soon so that will be on the way, and I will try to keep things a little more updated.

until next time,

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About gingertrap

I am a transgender woman, documenting my experiences with hormone treatment to help educate other transwomen of their effects as well as the daily struggles of being a human being.

3 responses to “Day 133 – Update”

  1. Tine says :

    Hi there.
    First of all, thank you for even doing this blog. I found you and your blog just recently and I like the way you use it, to keep track of the changes that happen to you. I also really like your looks, your hairstyle and especially your glasses – I just love glasses =)

    To your recent update: Take it easy =) In my opinion, you’re not doing this to entertain someone, so take your time, if you need it for other things.
    But keep in mind, blogging could also be a way of positive distraction.

    (And sorry, if my english is not that well, still learning).

    Greetings from Germany,

  2. Tine says :

    Oh, and I hope you get better soon. =)

  3. gingertrap says :

    Thank you for your positive comments and I will try and get better. this whole year I have been totally overworking myself.

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