Guess what time of the year it is?

That’s right, surgery time! It is starting to become a thing that I get surgery in December. It’s mostly due to my work schedule.

Anyways welcome! It’s been a long time since my last post about orchiectomy and I thought this was the perfect time to update. It is currently 5:33am and I am headed into the city for my breast augmentation surgery.

It’s been in the works for about 7 months now and I am nervous and excited that it’s finally getting done!

My surgery is scheduled for 8am but I have to be there at 6. Getting up early isn’t my strong suit, but for this I make an exception. For those who are interested I am getting a sub-glandular(above the muscle) augmentation with 500 and 550cc silicone gel implants. Since I am so tall this should look pretty proportional. I am getting them above the muscle because my job is so physical I would be constantly squishing them and they probably would not heal very well.

Other then that my life has been pretty status quo. I’m still working at a music theatre and living at home. So without further adieu I am going to sit and rest for the next 2 hours until my surgery.


About gingertrap

I am a transgender woman, documenting my experiences with hormone treatment to help educate other transwomen of their effects as well as the daily struggles of being a human being.

4 responses to “Guess what time of the year it is?”

  1. mrcharonsr says :

    Good luck with the surgery. Nice to see you posting again.

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