Fall is upon us

Hey babe, come here often? 😉

Because I apparently don’t HAH!

But really. I hope everyone out there is having a healthy transition into fall(see what I did there?) I know the change of seasons can bring wonderful things like pretty leaves and apple cider, but also the bittersweet goodbye kiss of summer, and the frosty embrace of winter. I usually get a pretty stong dose of the SAD(seasonal affective disorder.) A lack of vitamin D from the sun does some serious damage to my mood and often leads to emo hermiting in my room all winter. Not something I look forward to.

For that reason I have decided just now(15 minutes ago) to reach out to friends and potential new friends to forge new bonds to get through the winter months and improve my life in general. Being alone all the time sucks.

Something interesting that I have been contemplating is the idea that I am actually an extrovert with severe social anxiety. The topic came up in conversation with the girl I have been dating recently and it challenges a pretty basic thing I though I knew about myself. But apparently not.

I am going to go take a nice hot bath and shave my legs, you may hear from me sooner than later! ^-^


Beautiful weather I will miss.

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About gingertrap

I am a transgender woman, documenting my experiences with hormone treatment to help educate other transwomen of their effects as well as the daily struggles of being a human being.

2 responses to “Fall is upon us”

  1. mrcharonsr says :

    I saw a recent post that said , in effect, ” You are having a bad day, not a bad life.”
    While you cannot change the seasons or the weather you can change yourself. I have watched you become the dream of your desire. I have seen some of your artistic work here online. Both did not happen overnight. You can persevere when you have a clear goal, not necessarily each step defined in detail. When the sun fails to shine outside I have no doubt the brightness within you will take the day.

  2. Patrick Rieger says :

    I know what you mean about Winter weather and having the blahs. I can get it really bad, especially during last Winter with the long deep freeze. Hope you’re coping well. So far this year hasn’t been bad, at least not in Pittsburgh. Hope it has been decent where you are.

    Take the vitamin D, and keep those curtains open to allow all the sunlight in you can, and let it shone on you. It’s a great way to fight the blahs!

    Shaving your legs of all of the icky hair helps too 🙂

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