Day 288 – Fu Manchu!

Yesterday I had my second electrolysis appointment. I made it there ON TIME, as to not miss the chance to get this scruff taken off my face. The treatment went well, my face was still a little red where she treated me last week. She first started going over the re-growth from last time and I could barely feel anything at all! Really the first tim is the worst and it gets easier from there. We treated almost all of my chin except for a little bit on the bottom. I think with 1-2 more hours we should be able to do a full clear.

It’s been about 19 days since I started taking the fenugreek and I am going to take a quick measurement later to see if there has been any chane in breast size. I doubt there to be any change in such a small amount of time but it’s worth  a shot. The only effects I have noticed is a more regulated digestive system and having a slight odor of maple syrup. Bowel movements are smaller and it has had a similar effect to eating more fiber.

So thats it for now, I will get more updates soon. 😀
OH! I added a measurement chart in the transition section to compare my change in body shape.

Weight: 175


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About gingertrap

I am a transgender woman, documenting my experiences with hormone treatment to help educate other transwomen of their effects as well as the daily struggles of being a human being.

8 responses to “Day 288 – Fu Manchu!”

  1. Brenda Fernández says :

    Nice to see you making progress! 🙂

    Take care!

  2. Guest says :

    How tall are you, if you don’t mind my asking?

  3. gingertrap says :

    Thanks Brenda.

    I am about 6′ 3″

  4. Summer Day says :

    Your height and general measurements look close to the model Andrej Pejic and, I’m guessing, a girl I was behind in a shop queue. That’s pretty good.

    I tapped my numbers in and dragged up some measurements of movie stars and a couple of others that the search engines caught just to get an impression of the possible outcome of HRT. One of those was definitely a trans girl and the photos looked pretty good so that was a confidence boost. Another with the exact starting measurements as me on YouTube was an even better confidence boost as her transition photos were less staged and a wider variety, and she looked great to my eyes.

    This has made me think a database of different trans girls stats and accompanying images would be a really cool idea but I’m not sure how that would work in practice. My reasoning is it would help people get a realistic idea of outcomes and save a lot of fretting.

  5. gingertrap says :

    Having a database would be excellent, the same questions keep getting asked on every trans forum I go to and all of it could be answered by looking at real results. In order to have a database you would need enough girls to commit to putting in regular effort to update their information to make it all worthwhile. Maybe if more girls document their transition like me we could see something like it down the line.

  6. Summer Day says :

    This is going way off topic and might be a bit much for your blog but I hope you don’t mind me putting down some supplementary issues. It might make for some interesting topics if anything interests you, or other people might pick up on it.

    I look at this like a product designer and found splitting focus into outcome, peoples reactions, and time to be pretty useful. I don’t think enough priority has gone into this sort of thinking which has made the overall consumer experience poor.

    A database like that would be the equivalent of design patterns. I’m thinking it could be built upon by medically informed artistic prototypes of FFS surgical outcomes, mannerisms and social interaction patterns, and supporting non medical issues like voice coaching and clothing. So far this full world class service doesn’t exist. More work could also be done on politically representing transgenders and bringing together the fractured community.

    A large part of transgenders being third class is the whole show is scrabbling around like a B movie in search of a distribution deal.

    The UK government is committed to producing the Transgender Equality Action Plan by the end of 2011. The 56 page discussion document created by transgender groups and the broader community ( covers a great deal of this and I’m personally keeping the option open of pressing for a judicial review if I run into roadblocks.

    This is just my personal view but I think the LGBT circus isn’t helping as their priorities are driven by the loud and out gay community, and transgenders are very low on the list and get lost in the noise. We need to raise our game across the board.

  7. gingertrap says :

    I’m not sure what you are trying to say about consumer experience.

    The LGBT ensemble definitely has some limitations and doesn’t focus on the T part of it very much. However, if we were on our own, chances are we would be no better off.

  8. Summer Day says :

    I take the phrase “consumer experience” for granted but I do understand it can need explanation. It’s the sum total of everything at the point of delivery. Design, timeliness, quality, and so on.

    A good example on your blog might be your timeline photo. It’s all there side by side, well lit, and can be mentally grabbed in one go. A bad consumer experience might be badly lit pictures you have to scroll around to compare so your brain has to go through hoops to evaluate.

    The UK transgender experience with the NHS is it’s bureaucratic, backward, and slow. The monopoly of surgeons doesn’t use the best available surgical options. The pathway is based on the whim of gatekeepers not patient centred. Funding is often categorised as “low priority”.

    Some people from the gay community have commented they’re not too keen on how the LGBT issues are led or the tone of the pride rallies. They want to be perceived as normal and more than a gaudy queer. So there might be some change of emphasis developing at some point anyway.

    The T community has been quieter and suffers from discrimination but we’re a relatively new kid on the block. Assertion can be tough at the best of times so you may be right that we’re better on the train than off the train. in contrast the Fawcett Society and disabled lobby have started independently asserting themselves recently to good effect so that might prove the opposite point.

    I’m still trying to figure out the balance between the big picture and individual efforts. It may be that the Zeitgeist is changing. People are shrugging off big corporate media interests. Murdoch is in seriously hot water over Milly Dowler. The British T community isn’t letting the usual lobby groups have all the say. Maybe we’re all asserting a individual and collective value?

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