Day 290 – Victoria’s Secret

This post is going to be all about breasts and as the tittle implies, I did a little shopping. Me and my girlfriend went to the mall yesterday with the purpose of finding a bra that fits. first we tried Jcpenny, but they didn’t have anything good so we stopped in at Victoria’s Secret.

I was a little nervous at first but the staff was very nice and helpful. They asked what size we where looking for and when I said I don’t know they offered to size me.

They took me back to the fitting rooms and took my measurements to figure out what size I needed. Then they gave me a couple different styles to try on. It turns out I take a 36a with a little room to grow. I found a cotton wireless bra that i really liked. It is so much more comfortable and i don’t really need the support of an underwire. I ended up paying $33. It was definitely worth it to have a bra i feel comfortable in.

On the topic of breasts, since raising my estrogen dose and starting Fenugreek my nipples have been getting much more sensitive. It seemes i’m finally getting the afromentioned chest pains everyone talks about. I think that it can be attributed more to the estrogen than the Fenugreek. They also feel a lot fuller than before. I think I will be seeing some significant development over the course of the next few months!


About gingertrap

I am a transgender woman, documenting my experiences with hormone treatment to help educate other transwomen of their effects as well as the daily struggles of being a human being.

3 responses to “Day 290 – Victoria’s Secret”

  1. Summer Day says :

    That’s a pretty straight account. I’m glad you got something nice and comfortable even if it cost a bit more. Maybe the fact you come over as pretty level and went shopping with the GF helped?

    I’ve read stories from people who were cacking themselves silly and the other end where they go wild. Trans versus retail is interesting. The psychological and social pictures it paints can swing all over the place.

    I came from a family where things like this were discussed openly so it’s no big issue to me. The downside is getting older it makes for awkward conversations with boys and pretty much freaked out girls. That gender stereotype thing again.

    Some Japanese research has been conducted on bras and breast shape. It can have an effect which makes it extra interesting to trans because the shape of the ribcage tends to make breasts push outwards slightly rather than forwards.

    Mariella Frostrup put wearing a bra in bed on the radar and it flushed out a few girls who did the same. The anecdotal evidence seems good that wearing a bra in bed can help keep them firm as you age. Something to think about when you wake up on Christmas morning with DD’s. 😉

  2. gingertrap says :

    I think a big obstacle in being trans and shopping is dealing with the social anxiety of it and acting in a different gender role than what you are used to.

    So you think wearing a bra for longer periods of time could help a trans-girl bring her breasts more forward?

  3. Summer Day says :

    Gender role and social anxiety are key points, and there’s the expectations of shops and worries about their customers as well. Any stressful situation tends to escalate issues. Calm and sensitivity can help avoid that which can be a drag as it’s usually the first thing to fly out the window.

    The Japanese research is very new and preliminary. The girls were wearing custom bras for the study over 3 years (?) but the results were significant in most cases through to nothing for the remainder. I’m only guessing but if boobs might flap like a duck’s wings something that pulls them closer together is likely to help.

    Breast development is a fuzzy thing. I’ve looked at some of your photos in the gallery and you present well. A natal girl I knew had breasts that behaved like the chuckle brothers. So it’s all relative. A well fitting bra and sleeping in a bra deliver the goods so it might not be worth torturing yourself over this.

    More research is going to take time but when something more concrete emerges a market for shaping bras could develop. Maybe standard bras and shaped silicone filler would be a cheaper and workable alternative? It might be worth it for around a third of trans to add that extra polish. The rest is diminishing returns.

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