Day 280 – I have to say, it was a good day



Breast Development

I’ve been very busy today. I got up and went to my first electrolysis appointment at 10:30 in the morning. I’m really excited to start taking care of my facial hair and it went really well. I was impressed with how fast she went and In about 45 minutes, she was able to clear about 35% of my face. My face should be fully cleared within the next two visits. It took her roughly 5 seconds to treat each hair, pluck it, and then move onto the next. She also said many of the hairs she got were in the anagen phase, so they probably won’t be back for another 6-8 weeks.

After I got home there was a little swelling and discharge from the pores so I took some advil for the swelling and put some ice on it for 15 minutes. She also gave me some soothing cream that keeps the skin moisturized.

After my electrolysis appointment I went straight into Boston to see my endocrinologist. We where both happy with how my levels looked and he raised my estrogen dose to 2mg/day. I will still be on 200mg spiro because the estrogen should also help lower my testosterone levels. If everything still looks good when I go back to see him in 2 months he is going to raise my estrogen up to 4mg/day!

Overall a very satisfying day 🙂

Also, this is a breast development timeline I’ve been working on. I will keep updating it as they grow fuller. I am also going to upload a face shot from right after my electrolysis.

Hope everyone is having a good summer!

Weight: 177



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I am a transgender woman, documenting my experiences with hormone treatment to help educate other transwomen of their effects as well as the daily struggles of being a human being.

15 responses to “Day 280 – I have to say, it was a good day”

  1. SarahC says :

    Awesome! You’re doing well! One thing I noticed – endo’s have a habit of taking the average hormone levels in natal *women*… you want to research hormone levels and cycles in adolescent girls.

    The reason? Very high and brief bursts of hormones appear to aid development.

    Consider Progesterone too – many endo’s say “male bodies have no receptors” – but it’s not all that black and white – they promote glandular growth of the breast, and increase the areolae size a little,- leading to a fuller shape. For older people it helps prevent flat-cylinder shaped breasts.

    TL;DR: Research hormonal results yourself, because endo;’s tend to “play it”, and unnecessarily do you out of development.

    e.g:. (nsfw)

  2. gingertrap says :

    I’ll agree that they try and take it extra slow. One thing he said is that he generally doesn’t want his patients to go over 200 estrogen. If it comes down to it that I’m not getting the results I need I will make sure I get them somehow.

  3. gingertrap says :

    Pretty soon I will be releasing a sex tape with Tommy Lee!

  4. Al says :

    You really are becoming a beautiful young woman.

    all the best 🙂

  5. Al says :

    I realize that sounds creepy being posted on the photo showing your body… sorry about that :/

  6. gingertrap says :

    No problem, it didn’t seem that creepy :p

  7. Summer Day says :

    SarahC’s comment about hormone bursts is something I’ve been thinking about since reading that someone accidentally kicked their breasts into growth mode by taking their pills late one night and early the next morning. No idea if there’s anything in it or just a coincidence.

    People mean well but reading anything anywhere that sounds like “you’re becoming a beautiful woman” or “hugs” trips me up and I end up questioning my own trans status. I’m having difficulty articulating why and wondering if other people have a similar reaction.

    I know hormones are a lottery and different for everyone but could you put how tall you are on the table? It might give people a better idea how they compare. There’s an trans girl on YouTube with almost identical starting measurements to me and seeing a similar table and her photos in a vid was a real confidence boost.

    There was another trans girl with a YouTube channel I really liked until she got mega huge breast implants and ended up flaunting herself like a tart. She just ended up looking cheap and selfish. I was happy things were working out for her and felt disappointed as she had no need to do that.

    BTW. Super cool blog. I just love your updates and attitude (and just got my head straight on using the RSS feed so I don’t miss anything.) Everything is just presented so clearly and you have a fun sense of humour.

  8. gingertrap says :

    I have yet to do any research on how estrogen spikes would effect development but it is definitely an interesting idea. I am going to try and look into it before my next endo appointment and if it sounds reasonable I may ask him about it.

    As for seeing others receive praise, I can totally understand getting a little discouraged when someone else is complemented. There can definitely be an element of jealousy and it’s easy to comparison how well you pass to others. For example I may see someone tell someone else that they look great when they clearly don’t pass, this is unrealistic and peeves me. When you are having a rough day a kind comment can definitely be a confidence booster though. You just have to take every comment with a grain of salt, I will happily accept any complement but I don’t read too far into them.

    Hearing you mention my height reminded me that I don’t have it clearly written anywhere and I will definitely make a note of it with my measurements. The whole transition section is in a constant state of construction as I am building it as I go along.

    I’m glad you like my blog! I’m not too sure how RSS feeds work myself as this is my first foray into any sort of blogging. Reading a well thought out comment such as your’s is infinitely more rewarding than reading a simple “Gorgeous!” so I thank you for that!


  9. Summer Day says :

    Innovation attracts me like a moth to the flame and pushed me over the tipping point to post here. The hormone thing is a question that demands an answer. Doing some research and asking the endocrinologist sounds like a very sensible response. It will be interesting to see if there’s a zero risk way of testing this and seeing what the outcome is.

    I don’t have much useful to add but do remember reading about a study that looked into diet and development. Diet has affected breast growth in natal girls by one full cup size over the previous generation due to diets becoming richer in protein and fat. Body development has also changed in Japan due to similar reasons.

    Final development seems to be mostly genetically influenced but I’ve been wondering why development slows as you get older. (13-21, 21-29, 29+) I’ve heard people anecdotally claim it’s because HRT has to undo the cumulative ravages of testosterone poisoning but is this true, or is there some other answer? Diet? Metabolism? Exercise? Sleep?

    Jealousy and realism are a good catch. I was thinking about things slightly differently but the points you mentioned are in a similar area. I think some people can overdo it because they’re trying too hard and feel insecure so you get false positivity and a syrupy tone. Some of the discussion I saw on Livejournal about this thought it was immature. That sends a wrecking ball through my house of cards so I have to stay away from it.

    I just noticed you mentioned your height in a newer topic. You don’t look that tall in your photos. That’s really funny because someone in Texas who is the same height as me (5 foot 8 inches) has a blog that reads like they’re a lot taller than they are.

    I use the Opera browser and keep forgetting that if there’s an RSS feed it shows an icon in the address bar. I clicked it and it added your site to the list. Explorer doesn’t grab it automatically like that. Not every site has an RSS button but you’ve got one below “Follow Me” on the left and clicking on that works. Firefox has some weird thing RSS feed going on in a menu which did work but when you’re subscribed it looks a bit naff.

  10. gingertrap says :

    I was doing a little research today on the menstrual cycle of adult women and how much their estrogen and prolactin levels fluctuate over the course of 28 days. Estrogen levels can range from 50 pg/mL to 250 and then sometimes even 400! The average does seem to be around 200 pg/mL and that is where a lot of endos aim for but I wonder how a steady dose affects the growth rate of breast tissue. I’m also finding it difficult to find any actual numbers on estrogen levels in girls during puberty.

    It’s funny you should mention diet because I was also looking up the best fatty foods to eat because I am going to try and gain 10 lbs or so to try and get some more curves. Another thing I am trying to dig information up on is Fenugreek and the effects of phytoestrogens versus Estradiol. some sources say they can block receptors and make less space for the estradiol to bind to, but at the same time how do you know if they would actually take up enough receptors to get in the way?

    I think the fact of the matter is that “breast growth” herbs may give you some results prior to HRT, but once you are taking a full dose of estrogen and spiro anything that the herb does will be miniscule compared to the powerful effects of Estradiol in your system. I will definitely put a write up about this in my transition section.

    Maybe I can pass as being shorter then? XD

  11. Summer Day says :

    I keep forgetting things including the puberty phase and supplements you mentioned because all of this information is a bit scattered. You covered everything I know about those in your post.

    I can’t add much but do remember a UK TV programme about transexualism with a trans girl who had androgen insensitivity. She turned out to be a really curvy girly girl. She didn’t just look beautiful she was really nice. I discussed this with a friend (who must have been watching it on the sly) and he thought so as well.

    A study conducted in India and published this year discovered that mice crammed with hormone and fat to boost growth had a higher risk of cancer. Great. These studies don’t always map one to one with humans and I don’t have the knowledge to comment but it seems worth adding to create a fuller picture.

    Some tall girl some other time turned around a bit fast and I was left looking like Mel Brooks staring at her boobs. That was awkward but her breezy naivety is a plan if the HRT misfires. It’s all part of the show, right?

  12. gingertrap says :

    High estrogen levels definitely have an increased risk of cancer but as long as you stay in a safe range the risks are not very high. I’m definitely not going to gain a ton of weight, just a bit to give me some more padding.

  13. Summer Day says :

    I didn’t know about high estrogen levels and cancer risk. I wasn’t too clear the first time around: The mice experiment highlighted how pushing growth with fat caused some nodules in the breast tissue with a higher risk of cancer to overdevelop which is something else.

    I like the sound of how you’re approaching this – making the best of what options you have without overdoing it. I don’t know if the data is around but I wondered if some sort of chart with coloured zones might illustrate poor, optimal, and bad zones?

    The online trans community probably isn’t the best as from what I’ve seen they can be obsessive (and I certainly don’t need encouraging like that). A different kind of presentational emphasis might help cool that down.

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