Day 227 – Birthday!!

Today I turned 22!…But really it was yesterday now that it’s 1:30 in the morning. I’ve been doing all kinds of things over the past few days. Yesterday I helped my girlfriend move out of her dorm and then we spent a few hours cleaning her room. She gave me a corset top she didn’t want which I absolutely love! You can see it in my new photo gallery.

For lunch I went to Acapolcos with my family for delicious mexican food and then I spent the rest of the day playing League of Legends with my girlfriend. I had the usual family party and got some nice gifts, but my big present is going to be a 2tb external hard drive. I need more space to put all my pictures and music!

I am going to update my timeline soon now that I have some new pictures. Things have been going well on the hormones, I am seeing some more breast development. My nipples are almost always tender :3 Anyways, I hope you enjoy the new pictures! I will post again soon.

Weight: 181


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About gingertrap

I am a transgender woman, documenting my experiences with hormone treatment to help educate other transwomen of their effects as well as the daily struggles of being a human being.

14 responses to “Day 227 – Birthday!!”

  1. Alice says :

    Wow! You look fantastic. I’ve been browsing your website and you look very good.

    Keep rockin’ on!

  2. gingertrap says :

    Thanks! you keep rockin as well 😉

  3. Tine says :

    I wish you a happy belated birthday =) Overall it sounds like you had a good day.

    And I can only agree with Alice. You look wonderfull in this outfit – it all just suits you very well.

    But I have two question which I need to ask you:
    1) How long took it for you to look (without hormones) like you do in your first pictures? And also how much effort you put into it. I can imagine it took a lot.

    2) Would it be alright for me to mention you and your blog (mentioned above) sometimes on my own blog? It’s about my own way of dealing with thoughts about and around transition.

    Anyway, I’d like to wish you a nice day.
    Live long and prosper =)


  4. gingertrap says :

    Thank you for the birthday wishes!

    As for your first question, the first time I tried out crossdressing was around april of 2007. I started out experimenting with makeup but stopped until I started taking pictures again in February of last year. These are the earliest pictures you see in my pre-hormone gallery. There is a 5 month span between the first and last pictures in that gallery and this is when I really started focusing on learning how to properly apply makeup, pluck my eyebrows, wear my hair more feminine and do other cosmetic things like that as well as start building a wardrobe of properly fitting female clothes. If you compare pictures from that gallery you can really see a difference.

    I put a decent amount of effort into it but I was not living full time yet. Naturally the more you practice and get dressed up, the better you are going to look. I would regularly wear nail polish and a little eyeliner/mascara regardless of whether I was in boy or girl mode. This also helped me get more comfortable doing things that people might see as different. I was also really lucky in that I already had super long hair because I like to headbang! You can see several different hair styles I’ve experimented with to find the best fit and I think of all of them I like straight bangs the best.

    Another important thing is to act and sound feminine. Body language is a good thing to practice, I’ve learned to walk more more with my hips rather than my shoulders. (If that makes any sense) Voice is one thing I have neglected to put a lot of effort into, if there is one that that would give me away it would be my voice. It is alright I guess but it is on the low end of the vocal range of the average female.

    Hopefully I haven’t gone completely off topic of what you wanted to hear. So if anything, try and practice a little bit every day. Every bit of practice counts! Taking pictures can help a lot too even if you don’t show them to anyone else so you can see what does and doesn’t work.

    And for your second question, of course you can reference my blog. I don’t mind at all!

    I hope I answered your questions.

    May you also live long and prosper :p

  5. jo says :

    Great update (and sizzlin’ photo set). Always great to hear about your progress, too.

    Terabytes? Are you taking like 500 photos a day or something? Haha.

  6. gingertrap says :

    Haha maybe not that many, but I’ve already got 1gb of photos from this year alone. My HD only has like 6gb left and it would be nice to have some breathing room.

  7. Tine says :

    Thank you for the detailed response =) I guess the tips will become handy at some point. Well…mostly as motivation, though 😀

  8. Rande says :

    You’re adorable! You remind me of Ingrid Michaelson who I think is super cute. Happy Birthday!

  9. gingertrap says :

    Thank you ^_^
    Your blog looks interesting even though i don’t eat many veggies. I work on an organic farm though!

  10. gingertrap says :

    It’s fun, getting to harvest all the vegetables!

  11. Tabea says :

    Hello out there. Wow! I would say this is defenetly a woman and a cute one.
    I fear to come out properly yet. I only take 150 mg Spiro a day without estrogen. Is there anybody who can tell me, when visible changes will happen. I have not decided yet to do proper transitioning. To be with less testosteron feels great and in my opinion will help me to see things from a different point of view. Somehow I fear how others will react but on the other hand i look forward to see my changes.

  12. gingertrap says :

    Even with only 150mg spiro you should be able to feel some minor changes, like softer skin, lower sex drive and maybe a little breast sensation. It will definitely take a few weeks to a month before you notice much. Then again I don’t know how long you’ve been on them!

    Best of luck in deciding which path is right for you, feel free to ask any questions you need to.

  13. Tabea says :

    Than you! Yet I have visible muscles on my arms, shoulders and legs. I am not a body builder but more muscular then average. Because I have not decided yet if I want to do a proper transition i want to know a bit more about the effects. At the moment I crossdress every time it is possible and it feels great to be a women. In public it would look “anoying” because I cannot hide that I am male. I hate this… And I want to know if it is just the need to crossdress or…… more….

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