Day 217 – A Light In The Dark

Hello everyone,
It’s been a few weeks since I posted anything so I thought I’d post an update. I’ve been doing well and my mood is staying much more stable, it seems like the Effexor is working! Over the past few weeks I’ve felt the sensitivity in my breasts coming back and I’ve notice a decrease in my sex drive.

With only a week left until finals I am scrambling to get all of my work done on time. I just got a bunch of online assignments done for my art history class, that is a big load off my back. I am thinking about building a rock climbing wall, or at least a bouldering wall. It would be great exercise for my upper body and especially my legs. Once I am done with classes I will have a lot more time to take pictures and start the process to get my name changed.

I am going to go watch Supernatural now, my girlfriend got my hopelessly addicted to it and I am watching the entire series starting from season one.
Take care!

Weight: 178


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About gingertrap

I am a transgender woman, documenting my experiences with hormone treatment to help educate other transwomen of their effects as well as the daily struggles of being a human being.

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