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Day 311 – Slow Growth

I just wanted to give a quick update of what is going on. I shaved all of my facial hair on Wednesday after my last electrolysis appointment to see how fast it would grow in. I am delighted to see that it is growing in much, much, slower than before. I used to be able to feel noticeable stubble within 12 hours of shaving and now after 48 hours I still do not have as much stubble! I am going to put together my electrolysis timeline this weekend.

That is it for now,
I leave you with a recent AA qustion.


Q: I noticed you’re close to 365 days into your transition! Are you going to do anything special at the 1 year mark?

A:  You are right, it is getting extremely close to my one year anniversary! It might be cool to do some sort of photo shoot to commemorate the occasion. At the very least I should do something fun with some friends. I’m sure I will post about it once I decide what to do!

Day 309 – The Beardless Lady

My lovely face after 45 minutes of electrolysis.

Yesterday I had another electrolysis appointment and we finally treated all of the dark hairs on my face! There are still a lot of white hairs but they are much softer and grow a lot slower. Even if I were to stop when all I had left were white hairs, it would still be much easier to keep my face smooth compared to when I first started. It is hard to say if the one laser treatment on my underarms did anything. It has been 7 days since my appointment and my hair is still relatively short. We will see how it turns out.

Lately I have been wondering if my odd post titles are a good or bad thing so I decided to make a poll. Are they entertaining? Or do they make it a pain in the ass to find what you are looking for? Let me know!


I can’t believe it has already been 300 days since I started hormones, the time really flew by. I’ve been busy lately making major strides in my transition. Yesterday I went to the town hall and got a copy of my birth certificate to send in with my name change petition. Today I had 30 more minutes of electrolysis. We finally got started on the upper lip and surprisingly it didn’t hurt that bad on the outer edges. I did not know the appointment was only 30 minutes though, she didn’t tell me until I got there, a little annoying.  I have new pictures to update my breast development timeline  and I added a new set of measurements to my chart in the timeline section. Lastly I made an appointment to get my fist laser hair removal treatment tomorrow! 😀 I am getting my underarms treated.

I will be updating some of my charts and timelines soon so keep an eye out for them!


Q: What is your hair regimen? What do you do to get your hair all shiny and looking nice? =)

A: I use Rusk Most shampoo and Rusk Smoother conditioner. They are pretty expensive but I really like how well they work. The conditioner is a leave-in conditioner so you put it on when your hair is still damp, it makes my hair much softer than other conditioners I’ve tried! It still does get frizzy sometimes but it is minimal.

Other than that I don’t really use any products aside from the occasional hair spray or sculpting wax. When I wash it I run a comb through it in the shower to smooth out any snarls and then comb it straight after I towel dry it. If you are having trouble with unruly hair try some different products and see what works for you!

Day 295 – Coming Up Blank

Here is a picture from just after my 3rd electrolysis appointment(Chin is super swollen), I’ll be making a timeline of my facial hair removal soon.

I’m posting this from my girlfriend’s laptop because yesterday the screen on my Macbook Pro stopped working. It wase working fine when I closed the lid but when my girlfriend opened it the display wouldn’t react. I tried every method in the book to fix it and nothing worked. I tried hooking it up to my TV but that didn’t seem to work either so it looks like the graphics processor died. I took it to the genius bar at the Apple store and Applecare will cover the repair despite the laptop being from 2008. I looked it up and the particular NVIDIA graphics processor in it has been known to prematurely fail. In the end my Macbook with a new logic board should be on my doorstep in a weeks time free of charge! I am impressed that Apple is making the effort to replace faulty components in their products.

here is an article talking about the Issue: http://support.

Like I said, yesterday was my 3rd electrolysis appointment. Things went pretty well and  we cleared all but a few hairs on my chin and we will be able to start on my upper lip next week. I know I’ve said it before but now I’m sure that we will be able to do a full clear in 2 more treatments!

My breasts are doing  well, they definitely stick out a bit and look odd if I don’t wear a bra.

I’m working on a new feature to allow you to ask me questions and be able to see my responses to other peoples questions too! it should be up at some point today or tomorrow.


Day 288 – Fu Manchu!

Yesterday I had my second electrolysis appointment. I made it there ON TIME, as to not miss the chance to get this scruff taken off my face. The treatment went well, my face was still a little red where she treated me last week. She first started going over the re-growth from last time and I could barely feel anything at all! Really the first tim is the worst and it gets easier from there. We treated almost all of my chin except for a little bit on the bottom. I think with 1-2 more hours we should be able to do a full clear.

It’s been about 19 days since I started taking the fenugreek and I am going to take a quick measurement later to see if there has been any chane in breast size. I doubt there to be any change in such a small amount of time but it’s worth  a shot. The only effects I have noticed is a more regulated digestive system and having a slight odor of maple syrup. Bowel movements are smaller and it has had a similar effect to eating more fiber.

So thats it for now, I will get more updates soon. 😀
OH! I added a measurement chart in the transition section to compare my change in body shape.

Weight: 175


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