I can’t believe it has already been 300 days since I started hormones, the time really flew by. I’ve been busy lately making major strides in my transition. Yesterday I went to the town hall and got a copy of my birth certificate to send in with my name change petition. Today I had 30 more minutes of electrolysis. We finally got started on the upper lip and surprisingly it didn’t hurt that bad on the outer edges. I did not know the appointment was only 30 minutes though, she didn’t tell me until I got there, a little annoying.  I have new pictures to update my breast development timeline  and I added a new set of measurements to my chart in the timeline section. Lastly I made an appointment to get my fist laser hair removal treatment tomorrow! 😀 I am getting my underarms treated.

I will be updating some of my charts and timelines soon so keep an eye out for them!


Q: What is your hair regimen? What do you do to get your hair all shiny and looking nice? =)

A: I use Rusk Most shampoo and Rusk Smoother conditioner. They are pretty expensive but I really like how well they work. The conditioner is a leave-in conditioner so you put it on when your hair is still damp, it makes my hair much softer than other conditioners I’ve tried! It still does get frizzy sometimes but it is minimal.

Other than that I don’t really use any products aside from the occasional hair spray or sculpting wax. When I wash it I run a comb through it in the shower to smooth out any snarls and then comb it straight after I towel dry it. If you are having trouble with unruly hair try some different products and see what works for you!

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About gingertrap

I am a transgender woman, documenting my experiences with hormone treatment to help educate other transwomen of their effects as well as the daily struggles of being a human being.

One response to “Day 300 – THIS IS GINGAH!”

  1. liligayle says :

    I read your blog last night. I’m an older transgendered woman and just have to comment that your posts are exceptionally level-headed, and your photographs are beautiful. Good luck in your journey.


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