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Day 347 – Fresh Measurements

Upper Arm Circumference: 12
Lower  Arm Circumference: 10.5
Bust: 37.75
Under Bust: 34
Natural Waist: 32.25
Belt Line: 38.75
Hips: 43
Thighs: 25
Calves: 15.5
Weight: 181

here are my updated measurements as promised. I updated them on the measurements page and I am working on updating my chart that compares weight to fat distribution. I should have the new chart up tonight or tomorrow.

In the mean time Ashley asks: Are you going to show your laser progress? Like you did for electrolysis.

A: Hi Ashley,
I am planning on showing some of my laser progress, though it won’t be as in-depth as my electrolysis. I only have two pictures for comparison thus far so I think I am going to wait a few weeks until I get some more re-growth and then I will post what I’ve done so far.


Day 301 – I’M A’ FIRIN’ MAH LAZER!!

Today I had my first laser treatment on my underarms! I also updated my weight chart to include waist and hips. The place where I am getting my laser done is a place called HLC Med. They have several locations in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. I bought two Groupons for new customers that were $129 for 3 treatments each. So, I got a whopping 6 treatments for only $260, now THAT is a deal! If you are in MA they do a similar offer every once and a while so keep an eye out for it.

The treatment itself was extremely easy and quick to get, It took about 15 minutes for the technician to do two passes over both of my arm pits. Compared to electrolysis it was much, much, MUCH more comfortable. I barely felt more than a pinch. I go back again in 6 weeks for my second treatment, we will see if there is any reduction by then.

Yesterday I stopped my Fenugreek experiment, I took a dose of 5,490mg (9 pills) per day, for 30 days. Without seeing how my growth changes over the next 30 days I cannot be 100% sure, but based off of my chart, it doesn’t look like the Fenugreek did anything for me in the way of breast growth. I raised my dose of estrogen to 2mg shortly after starting the Fenugreek and my rate of growth didn’t show any significant increase from the estrogen, let alone Fenugreek. The fact of the matter is that herbal supplements are nothing compared to prescription hormones. They may or may not have some estrogen-like properties when taken while not on HRT, but I imagine they are minimal.

I will be doing a more complete write up on Fenugreek a little later, bye!


Midnight Oil

I got a little carried away and ended up photoshopping these two graphs together. It definitely paints an interesting picture of how fat effects breast size. I think as we see the chart progress the breast size will be less dependent on the amount of fat you have. You can kind of see the breast line rising while the weight stays fairly consistent, this was right around when I started back on the estrogen and then raised my dose to 2mg. Once more milk ducts form I think breast growth will become a steady rise.

With that it is time for me to go to bed,



Day 297 – Names & AA

I put together this little chart to document the changes in my weight since I started hormones. I am going to try to work in some other details such as breast growth to show the correlation between weight and fat distribution.

I spent this afternoon filling out the different forms to get my name legally changed. (Yay!)  The process consists of several steps including going before a judge to have a name change petition approved, changing the name on your social security card, getting a new drivers license with your new name on it, and changing any other official documents (Passport, etc). Unfortunately you need an official copy of your birth certificate to send in with your petition and my town’s court house closes at noon on Fridays so I have to wait until Monday to mail it but 2 more days isn’t going to make a big difference considering it can take 6-8 weeks to get a court date. The Initial name change petition costs $165 and that is the most expensive of them all.

I also got my laptop back from Apple and it is running good as new with a brand new logic board, free of charge! Without further adieu, here are the new ask Abbey questions for today.

Q: Can I ask you about your sexual orientation? Do you consider yourself a lesbian? And what about your girlfriend? Did you both started as kind of an heterosexual couple or you were always out with her and as a girl? Sorry if asking this seems somehow weird, but I’m questioning my own sexual orientation a lot and see you and your gf (even if only in pics and posts) and think to myself “thats the kind of couple I’d like to be in” (it’s a feeling that I get from seeing you, not something rational). So I think that hearing about it might somehow help me think about myself, in a way.

Take care Abbey! 🙂
Greetings from Argentina,

A: Hello Brenda! That is a perfectly reasonable question, it is something I haven’t really touched on before. (Other than mentioning I had a girlfriend) To answer your question, I identify myself as a lesbian. Sam, my girlfriend, is a little more in a gray area on this one so I can’t really answer on her behalf. I think she kind of thinks of me as in-between, or the best of both worlds. (I like the idea of a mixed super-gender)

When we first met she actually didn’t know what I was because we had one of the same classes and she had a huge crush on me but didn’t know who I was. However, when she did find out who I was she learned that I was trans and still wanted to get to know me. She has never really thought of me as male so I would say it’s always been a lesbian relationship. I find nothing wrong with a relationship between two females, trans-females, or any combination of the two and I think it isn’t necessary to fit into a specific orientation.

I hope this was helpful in your your understanding of yourself!

Q: I apologize if this is a bit personal for your blog! Do you plan on getting Sexual Reassignment Surgery? If so, how important do you think the surgery is to maintaining your identity? If not, do you just feel it isn’t necessary to go that far?

A: At this very moment I do not feel the need to get SRS. Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to have a vagina, but due to certain restrictions in the cost and the procedure itself, I have chosen not to get it done. I am perfectly okay with having a penis, to me it isn’t what in your pants that maters, it is how you feel on the inside and how you identify yourself.

That being said, if we have some significant advances in SRS technology within the next 10 years and my finances allow it, I would definitely not rule out the idea of getting it done.

Thats it for now, I’m working on putting together a brief timeline of when I started each “step” in transitioning so keep an eye out for it in the transition section.


Ask Abbey

Ask Abbey is now up and running! AA is a place where you can ask me questions or see what other people have asked in the past. My goal is to create a more organized section to be able to search comments to find what you need to know!

Hopefully it works out.

Weight: 181

One thing I forgot to mention earlier is that I am trying to gain a little weight. Not a ton, just about 5 or 10 pounds to get up to around 190. I feel like the extra fat will help push along breast development.


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