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Day 330 – Eleven to One

Candy & Popcorn

Howdy Folks!
It’s been a while since I last did an update so I thought I would talk about what I’ve been doing recently. Last week I went in and got my lab work done again, I should have my results back by next week at the latest. I am excited to see if my testosterone levels have dropped at all. Once I get them back I will do another round of measurements and update my breast development timeline. I know you’ve been waiting for that! (You filthy buggers) I go in to see my endo on the 6th of September, which happens to be the day before classes start. It was a total coincidence I swear! It is hard to believe that I just hit the 11 month mark of being on hormones. One thing I noticed recently is that my skin is extremely smooth and that my leg hair feels a lot softer and lighter than it used to be.

I am up to 6 hours and 15 minutes of electrolysis treatments, things are going good as always. After shaving 24 hours ago I can’t really feel any stubble at all, it’s nice to not have to shave every day.

Last weekend we put on a family reunion and we had about 50 relatives over that I probably haven’t seen since I was a baby (or never). It went surprisingly well and no one seemed to have any problem with me being trans (if they even noticed). And there was lots of food to be had.

This weekend me and my family are planning on going up to New Hampshire for a small vacation. It should be a nice little break before classes start up again. I will try and make an update or two while I am away!


Day 315 – 45 and Life

Greetings and salutations!
Today I had my 6th electrolysis appointment. In 45 minutes we treated most of the regrowth, it was mostly light hair anyway. In the 6 days since I last shaved It had grown about as much as it would have in 24 hours before I started treatment (Much thinner though). I am really happy with how my my beard removal is going, I feel as though I am really lucky with how much progress I’ve made. I spent all evening working on my electrolysis timeline and got half of it done. I will be adding a second set of photos showing under my chin as well as two more to show today’s treatment. After this point I think I will only add new pictures every few treatments or else it will become an extremely huge file.

Tomorrow I am going to a support group that my therapist put together for the second time. It is a pretty small group (5-6) and we are all around the same age range so it should be fun. Out of all of the people who attend I am one of the farthest along but that isn’t to say I won’t be able to get anything out of it. At the very least I can help some of the others with any questions they have about transitioning.

I still haven’t sent in my name change petition yet. My mom is insistent that I at least consider a middle name of her selection. The problem is that she is so busy and stressed out dealing with one of my uncles who has a drinking problem, and now has a blood clot in his lungs, that she says she can’t deal with me changing my name right now. It is pretty frustrating and part of it has to do with the fact that she is still holding onto what remnants of my past self still exist. I will have to sit her down and talk it over.

P.S. My skin is unbelievable soft!


Day 309 – The Beardless Lady

My lovely face after 45 minutes of electrolysis.

Yesterday I had another electrolysis appointment and we finally treated all of the dark hairs on my face! There are still a lot of white hairs but they are much softer and grow a lot slower. Even if I were to stop when all I had left were white hairs, it would still be much easier to keep my face smooth compared to when I first started. It is hard to say if the one laser treatment on my underarms did anything. It has been 7 days since my appointment and my hair is still relatively short. We will see how it turns out.

Lately I have been wondering if my odd post titles are a good or bad thing so I decided to make a poll. Are they entertaining? Or do they make it a pain in the ass to find what you are looking for? Let me know!

Day 288 – Fu Manchu!

Yesterday I had my second electrolysis appointment. I made it there ON TIME, as to not miss the chance to get this scruff taken off my face. The treatment went well, my face was still a little red where she treated me last week. She first started going over the re-growth from last time and I could barely feel anything at all! Really the first tim is the worst and it gets easier from there. We treated almost all of my chin except for a little bit on the bottom. I think with 1-2 more hours we should be able to do a full clear.

It’s been about 19 days since I started taking the fenugreek and I am going to take a quick measurement later to see if there has been any chane in breast size. I doubt there to be any change in such a small amount of time but it’s worth  a shot. The only effects I have noticed is a more regulated digestive system and having a slight odor of maple syrup. Bowel movements are smaller and it has had a similar effect to eating more fiber.

So thats it for now, I will get more updates soon. 😀
OH! I added a measurement chart in the transition section to compare my change in body shape.

Weight: 175


Day 273 – Zap! Zap! Electrolysis!

11 days of facial hair growth in super Hi-Res (The longest it’s ever been!)

Today I had an electrolysis consult and had my first few hairs zapped! I will be documenting the removal of all my facial hair in a new section under the timeline page. It felt good to make another step towards femininity.

I found my electrologist online through a site called the Massachusetts Association of Electrologists (MAE). I basically went down the list of local electrologists and sent emails to the ones I would be willing to drive to. One of the first to respond was June, from the Advanced Electrology and Skin Care Center in Newburyport, MA. I heard from a few others but she had the best prices and seemed like she had a lot of experience.

At the beginning of my consultation I was met in the waiting room by June and was brought back into a room where the electrolysis equipment was kept with a desk and a few chairs. The first thing to take care of was paperwork. Any place that performs laser or electrolysis will most likely require you to fill out a form to make sure you have no pre-existing health conditions that may interfere with the treatment as well as to take care of any liability issues. She then began to explain about how electrolysis works and about the different stages of hair growth. All of this was pretty interesting even though I had a good understanding of the process from my own research. The type of electrolysis that she chose to use was High Frequency, or Thermolysis. This method sends high frequency radio energy through the probe into your hair follicle. The energy agitates or vibrates the hair follicle and the surrounding tissue and creates heat in an attempt to do enough damage to prevent re-growth.

By the time we were done talking there was only about 5 minutes left. In that amount of time she was able to get prepped and treat 5-10 hairs in a minute or two. It really did not hurt much at all. It hurt about as much as plucking a hair from your leg or eyebrow. The only difference is that it is more of a hot/burning sensation and feels a bit like a bee sting(Just not as painful). She thought that she might be able to clear my face with two 1 hour sessions which would be awesome, the optimist in me is hoping the first wave is that quick! I made an hour appointment for next Tuesday, a few hours before my endocrinologist appointment. Next week is going to be busy. 🙂

This site provides an excellent description of the various electrolysis techniques and has a lot of information about hair growth: http://www.transgendercare.com/electrolysis/methods/overview_methods.htm

Weight: 177


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