Transgender Equality Bill

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This is going to be brief but I wanted to make a quick update about the Massachusetts Transgender  Equality Bill. The bill is set to be voted on tomorrow or Thursday. The part of the bill that mentioned access to gendered facilities has been taken out of the bill so there is no reason why it shouldn’t pass.

Today I met with House Representative Brad Hill to speak about the bill and why it is important. The meeting went fairly well and we talked for half an hour about the issues of transgender equality. The only thing that deters him from passing the bill is the fact that he believes transgender people are already protected. I am going to do some digging to see if there are any court cases in MA where a transgendered individual was not protected under current law.

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About gingertrap

I am a transgender woman, documenting my experiences with hormone treatment to help educate other transwomen of their effects as well as the daily struggles of being a human being.

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  1. Jay says :

    HiYa, I’m Jay From The UK And Thought This Might Give You Something To Use Or Think About, Good Luck And Big Hugs 🙂

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