Day 395 – Updated Timeline

Here it is!
My 13 month timeline update. I was practicing with some makeup yesterday and I decided I looked so good I needed to take a picture and it was the perfect time to add a new picture to my timeline! I took a hand full of other pictures I will upload into a new gallery later. The first thing I noticed was that my cheeks and chin/jaw line have gotten a lot softer. My face in general has rounded out since raising my dose to 4mg of Estradiol.

Things have been going pretty good for me lately, I am keeping up with my school work and I just got an internship at a small jewelry studio. I emailed the woman who owns the company several weeks ago and finally heard back last weekend. I went in on Wednesday to meet with her and talk about what I would be doing and I guess things went well so I will be starting on Monday. She doesn’t know that I am transgendered yet but I think she won’t have a problem with it. It may not be pertinent that I tell her but I think it is important to be open with a potential future employer. Once things get going I will talk a little more about it.

Tomorrow I am going into Boston with my girlfriend to do some photography so I may have something interesting to talk about later this week.


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About gingertrap

I am a transgender woman, documenting my experiences with hormone treatment to help educate other transwomen of their effects as well as the daily struggles of being a human being.

12 responses to “Day 395 – Updated Timeline”

  1. asunachan says :

    don’t take this the wrong way…but…OHHH GIIIIRRRLLL YOU ARE SMOKING!

  2. Brenda says :

    You look stunning!!

  3. gingertrap says :

    With a little work I bet you can Asuna.

  4. SarahC says :

    You look gorgeous!

  5. asunachan says :

    technically speaking…I would only be..about a year behind you….since we do have the same birth year…and I’m turning 22 in Nov…so it’s possible, I thank you for your advice as well!

  6. gingertrap says :

    Anytime, I’m sure you will do fine. 🙂

  7. Elle says :

    You should smile more, such a sweet, sweet smile!

  8. Jainie Norville says :

    You look like my English teacher

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