Day 264 – Body Mods

It’s 6am and the sun is coming up so I thought I’d grace you with this wonderful picture of me with no makeup and messy hair (I also cut my bangs by the way). On Friday I went to get new lab work done to see how my levels are doing. My next appointment with my endo is on the 28th, only 16 more days! Hopefully my prolactin is within normal range and I can finally raise my dose of estrogen from 1mg to 2mg or so. If he puts me on 2mg I am going to ask how he feels about raising me to 2mg for a month to get used to it and then going up to 3mg after that rather than waiting the full 3 months until our next appointment.

If my high prolactin levels were indeed caused by the anti-psychotic that I was on, they definitely delayed my progress with hormones. I see other girls at 8 months with healthy A cups or even B cups when I can’t even fill out an A cup! It just makes me jealous; but my time will come, and I’m sure they will grow to my liking.

On another note, I’ve been growing increasingly interested in body modification. I’ve always liked piercing and various other forms of expression but I never was able to indulge in it myself. In a way I like to think of transition as an extreme form of body modification. 2 weeks ago I went out and got a second hole pierced in my lobes.

The jewelry is a 16g purple CBR. I’ve since  stretched my first hole to 14g to fit a titanium barbell that I ordered. Once my second hole heals I will be putting in some stainless steel 12g circular barbells.

Aside form piercing, I’ve grown increasingly interested in some hardcore body mods. In particular, ear pointing. The cartilage is first cut at the top of the ear. Then a small portion is removed and the edges are scored and then folded into a point and sutured together. The result is a fairly elfy looking ear. Here are a few examples: #1  #2  #3

I’ve wanted elf ears ever since I was a little kid but I never knew it was possible. Now that I’ve realized that it can be done I am super excited! I’ve talked to a few artists including Steve Haworth and Brian Decker, who perform the procedure, and I’m confident I will get it done at some point. Though before I rush into things I will wait 2-3 months to make sure it is something I really want to live with for the rest of my life!


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I am a transgender woman, documenting my experiences with hormone treatment to help educate other transwomen of their effects as well as the daily struggles of being a human being.

2 responses to “Day 264 – Body Mods”

  1. SarahC says :

    Wow, you’re changing so much! Very feminine!

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