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Day 258 – Busy Summer

Hello! I’ve been doing all kinds of things with my gf recently and I’ve been enjoying the time off. Last week we went out to Rockport, MA. It is a cool little area on the coast where there are lots of little shops. I got an awesome jacket for half off from this fair trade store called the floating lotus, definitely check them out! This is a picture of us out by the break water, excuse my horrible hair and manly expression.


Last week I started a project on some black pants that I got a tear in. I attacked them with some bleach and then got some dye and dyed the splotches purple and I think they turned out pretty good!. I also dyed some white shirts and a tank top, as well as a pair of my dad’s underwear XD I think they turned out pretty good and I will definitely try dying more clothes in the future!

As far as my transitioning goes, not a lot has happened lately. My breasts continue to develop ever so slightly but not nearly as much as those of girls on a higher dose of estrogen. I see my Endocrinologist again in 22 days so I should be on at least 2mg of estrogen by the end of the month. I am looking for some graphing software to show how different doses of estrogen and spironolactone effect the human body through measurements and weight.

Weight: 181

DAY 234 – Purrrrrrr!

“Hey mom, you know how I said I was really a girl trapped in a boys body? Well…I’m really a cat trapped in a human’s body…”

Well it’s the middle of the night and I thought I’d make a new post! This is a picture of me drawn ever so graciously by my mate, Sam. In seeing some of my Fursona pictures my mom started getting uppity about furries and what they do. So, a few weeks later, me and my mate decide it might be cool to fly down to PA for Anthrocon this year and the topic came up in conversation with my parents. My mom instantly jumps to the conclusion that all furries are horny fursuiters who hump each other in yiff piles, based off of what she saw on CSI, god knows how many years ago. She then freaks out and tells me I cannot be a furry.

It’s funny how much she reacts to the idea of me being a furry compared to when I came out to her as being Trans. In a way her reaction was kind of similar except this time she just said “No, I do not want you to be a furry!” I think both reactions stem from not understanding, and being afraid of the unknown. I’m sure before I came out to her the only notion of what a transgender or transsexual person was came from television or stories she heard.

For this reason I think it is important to spread awareness about these kind of things to better educate the general public and remove the stigma surrounding them.

I think the Anthrocon website did a very good job explaining what the term furry really means. That description can be found here.

On the notion of spreading education I am going to try and collect all the helpful transgender related links I can find and put them in a new section to better educate those going through transition and those who simply want to learn more about it!

I think thats about it for tonight, but keep an eye out for a new section with helpful links!

Weight: 182


Exhaustion strikes

I am exhausted! I had a long day today and between an alternative prom my GLBT group was holding for everyone who couldn’t go to their prom and watching Rocky Horror Picture with my friend Sam last night I didn’t get much sleep. Tomorrow I will make a more substantial post about it but for tonight I uploaded some pictures my mom took before the prom.

Weight: 175

Yay! time to drift off into never never land.


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