Anyway This Cake is Great, It’s So Delicious and Moist!


Well Hello.
I am typing this up as we drive down the highway because there is no internet at our condo so I will upload this when we find some wifi. Yesterday we arrived around 3pm and checked out the mountain. There is a recreation center that goes along with the condo that has 3 pools, a pond, and all kinds of sporting courts. It seemed pretty nice, we may go swimming later today. If we do I will have to get a swimsuit top or wear a tank top or something. After that we went out to find some shops and someplace to eat. We ended up in Woodstock, NH. We saw the wolfman at Clark’s Trading post and then got some mexican food before stopping at a few shops on the way back. I got a bag of candy and a hematite ring. I found some candy cigarettes that I’ve loved since I was a kid!


Since I discovered some Staghorn Sumac by my house I have been seeing it everywhere and we found a huge colony of it in one of the towns we stopped in. I If only they were ripe I would have stolen some and made some Sumac-aid. After that we came back to the condo and I played through Portal for the first time, it is really a good game. Today we are going to go check out the Polar caves and do some more shopping. I’ve been to the caves plenty of times but I thought Sam would really enjoy them. When I find a better internet connection I will post some pictures. I will most likely post another update tomorrow afternoon or when we get back to Massachusetts.

Until next time,

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I am a transgender woman, documenting my experiences with hormone treatment to help educate other transwomen of their effects as well as the daily struggles of being a human being.

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