Day 13

Not much has happened in the past few days, my chest is starting to get a little more fat on it I think. I just wanted to give a quick little update since not much is going on!

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About gingertrap

I am a transgender woman, documenting my experiences with hormone treatment to help educate other transwomen of their effects as well as the daily struggles of being a human being.

2 responses to “Day 13”

  1. youcef says :

    hello, it”s really fantastic what you have done. For me i’ve began taking hormones 5 days ago (no change allas) but am following your procedure step by step, so i need to know much more all about your reshapment. Try to tell me or send me pics fo yours. great thanks to you. – youcef

  2. gingertrap says :

    Hi Youcef,
    It’s great that you started hormones 5 days ago and I am glad you find my blog useful. Depending on your dose it may take a few days or weeks to feel much, you will probably notice puffier nipples at some point. I am not sure what you mean by reshapment but so far it is still pretty early to see any major effects from the hormones. Things are still going slow for me.

    Other than that good diet and exercise are something you should try and maintain. Your body will burn off old fat from the common male areas and replace it with new fat in more feminine areas (Chest, hips, thighs and butt) Before starting hormones I lost some weight and now I am planning on gaining it back to help with my figure.
    Hope that helps!

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